• Regarding Brisbane City Sounds
  • Brisbane City Sounds is a surprise package of exquisite harmonic perfection. When I first walked into their rehearsal, I was stopped in my tracks; held my breath; then exhaled the stress of the day to inhale bar after bar of blended barbershop beauty. I have since been honoured to compose for their incredible voices and long may this relationship reign. I love their sound but more importantly, I am touched by their hearts.
    - Donna Dyson, APRA-ASA Australian Songwriter of the Year 2016 Australian Choral Composer Education Academic and Author

    Brisbane City Sounds has been an integral part of our Australia Day citizenship ceremony for 12 years now. Their beautiful singing of some wonderful Australian songs adds so much to this special day. Our ceremony is recognised by the Department of Immigration as one of the best community ceremonies in Brisbane and I know this is due to the wonderful singing. We are now getting people requesting they attend our ceremony and this is partly due to the enthusiasm and joy that the chorus brings to the morning.
    - Michelle Davis, Citizenship Ceremony Coordinator and Past President Rotary Club of Brisbane Planetarium

    Every year, Brisbane City Sounds are guests at our Christmas Lights Festival, which I organise. Their energetic performance really captures the audience, and they always draw a crowd. The four-part harmony renditions of well-loved songs are just beautiful, and it's very impressive that they do it all without holding sheet music!
    - Kate Scutt, Parish Manager St Gerard Majella Church Chermside West


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